What is stopping you?

Just a thought today – write down how you would like your life to look. That means relationships, financial goals, career goals, health & fitness and the list goes on.

Once you’ve written these down, assess your journey towards achieving all of these. Is it going to happen doing what you are doing now? Are you honestly doing all you can towards achieving what is most important to you? I could almost guarantee that most of us are not on the journey towards achieving that which is most important to you? Why not? We have to ask ourselves what is stopping us, what is getting in the way. I believe we need to take more time to plan and be proactive. So much is thrown at us that we lose sight of that which we want the most. We have a chance to stop, to think, to plan, to act. Don’t let your excuses and ‘busyness’ get in the way of living a life you were born to live.

Tip for the day – ‘turn off as many ‘push notifications’ as you can’

Dan Hodge


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