Time & Momentum

We are all given the same amount of time and have equal opportunity to succeed. Time is the most valuable resource we have and by not choosing to spend it wisely, we are choosing to throw it away. Culture in society these days has become so reactive rather than proactive. We are bombarded all day with messages, emails, social media notifications and the list goes on. It’s so easy to let all these things distract us from using our time wisely and efficiently. Even in the past few minutes writing this I have had an email, text message & facebook messages. It never ends! But they will still be there once I am finished with the task at hand.

There is a momentum occurring in each of our lives whether we like it or not and every decision we make brings momentum towards a certain result. I challenge you to start being proactive with your time, rather than reactive. Make small steps in the direction you want to head and build actions and habits to keep momentum swinging in your favour.

Dan Hodge


One Reply to “Time & Momentum”

  1. I agree. We are being constantly bombarded with notifications, alerts, status updates and the like. I heard someone say recently that each time their phone used to ding, pop or whirl they would literally have their phone in their hand within seconds looking at what it was. That’s when it occurred to them that it was no longer a notification, but it was really an interruption in their life. They have since turned off all those ‘helpful notification’ dings pops and whirls and now is able to put more deliberate and conscious effort in whatever they were doing. Not a bad idea really if you ask me.

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