Try something new

It’s so easy to get stuck in our habits, routines and stick to what we know. 

What we all need to do is when the opportunity presents itself, is to try new things. This week I have tried hundred year old eggs and have had the opportunity to show some friends the world of Japanese Sake. Whether it’s something that you think will change your life or not, just give it a go because you never know what will.

Take a chance and step outside your comfort zone, try something new. 

Dan Hodge

Success with your groceries

Having just finished a grocery shop and feeling like I’ve got nothing to cook for dinner, I have had an epiphany. To have a successful grocery shop and to make it easier to achieve your health and fitness goals, it is so important to plan your meals. Taking the time to plan your meals allows you to be on proactive rather than reactive. When you are reactive with your diet you will always come out second best and struggle to live a healthy life.

Dan Hodge


Self Sabotage 

Just the title of this blog reeks of negativity, but it is negativity and a negative mindset that will be the undoing of anything you attempt to build.

So often we can get so much right and have it all going for us but for one reason or another it never seems to work out. We can blame others or the circumstances but if you look deep enough you’ll often find that you’re the the one to blame. It’s self sabotage and it’s got a habit of making a habit.

Dan Hodge

Where do you draw strength from? 

Recently I rode along the Camino de Santiago and on the 2nd day I rode up a Mountain called O’Cebreiro, which almost killed me. I can tell you I was quoting a line over and over again to help me draw on strength through one of the hardest things I have done. 

The line I was quoting was out of Hacksaw Ridge, “Lord, give me the strength for one more. One more Lord”. I said this on repeat for almost an hour, I needed strength from somewhere and I found it. Each turn I would take and see one more part of the mountain I would quote this and draw on strength to keep on keeping on. 

So where do you draw strength from? When things aren’t going your way, what does your inner dialogue sound like? Are you strengthening yourself our tearing yourself down? 

Ask for strength and it will be given to you.

Dan Hodge

If we only did what we felt like… Pushing through

Life is a funny thing with so many variables. We have emotions, hormones, energy levels, stress and the list goes on and on. The fact is we can’t always rely on being at our best to fulfil our commitments, we need to learn to push through.

Pushing through when we feel like it the least is often what will seperate us from the rest. It is a quality we need to have if we want to be the best we can be. The other side to that is, how can we manage our energy, emotions, hormones, stresses, etc, to help make it easier for ourselves?

Regardless though, life is never easy and nothing is ever given to us freely. Our achievements and successes come at a cost and we need to be willing to work our asses off for them.

Dan Hodge

Exercise – do what you love

So many people get too caught up in finding the perfect exercise plan, so much so it often prevents long term results. What I believe is key reason behind this is because they are given a plan that doesn’t align with what they love doing. 

For some it’s competitive sports, others it’s running or cycling, some love taking the kayak or the surf board out. Whatever it is that gets you ticking and you love doing, there in lies your exercise prescription. 

Dan Hodge

Laying the foundation

It is so easy to spend Sunday night’s curled up on the catch watching your favourite tv shows. Unfortunately though, Monday morning rolls around and the week begins while we are chasing our tails from the get go.

Taking the time to make a plan for your week is priceless. It’s up to you to personalise this and apply your planning to what you want to get out of your week. For me I like to do the following.

  • Plan my exercise into my week, both gym and cycling
  • Plan my dinner meals for the week (if this isn’t done already)
  • Review and plan my work week
  • Stay on top of trivial events during the week
  • Fill in a small to do list of highest priority tasks for the week

It’s still Sunday night and I don’t love to feel like I’m working the whole night, so I keep it brief and try to smash out my planning in 1-2hrs.

Here’s to a good week.

Dan Hodge